Tuesday, January 31, 2017


As you may know, Das has been struggling with mental issues for decades and even after many doctors and psychiatrists visits he has been put in many medications, but as we could see, none of them worked successfully.

I, myself, am doing my Doctorate on Natural Medicine and as part of my studies it was brought to my attention a particular method of treatment that I felt compelled to follow through, especially because of its method of diagnosis.

Besides an extensive psychiatric evaluation, this method used the help of brain scans to produce a more specific and clear diagnosis. It’s called a SPECT scan.

First, there is a SCID – Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis I Disorders (SCID-I) is a semi-structured interview for making the major DSM-IV Axis I diagnosis. Then a SCID-II is a semi-structured interview for making DSM-IV Axis II: Personality Disorder Diagnosis.

Then his brain was scanned. SPECT, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, is a nuclear medicine procedure that is widely used to study the heart, liver, thyroid, bone, and brain problems. At this clinic, they use SPECT imaging as a tool in the diagnostics and treatment process. This particular clinic has done more than 100.000 scans so far and have about 80% success rate. The unsuccessful ones are the ones who basically don’t follow the treatment plan as directed. They do extensive follow ups as well, until they see that the patients is well enough to follow a healthy life style on their own.

On the image below you can see what a HEALTHY brain SPECT scan looks like:

And this one below, shows Das’ brain SPECT scan:

As you can see, his brain is very much damaged. The parts that are circled show significant lack of blood flow. Which in turn means that these parts “don’t work”. These parts are associated with Autism, Depression, Psychosis and PTSD.

We finally KNOW, what is wrong with this brain.

His official diagnosis is:


The good news is that there is hope in his case. His meds are being adjusted and many supplements were given to him. Along with EMDR therapy, a thorough nutritional plan, plus an exercise regime along with other alternative treatments.

However, it will take some time to see progress, as his condition is quite severe. Sonia and I are committed to help him through this process. We aren’t sure how long will the treatment will take effect, but the doctor assured that there will be improvements.  

We are all very hopeful and we thank all of you for your generosity to make this happen. Without you he would have been doomed to suffer indefinitely. So really thank you from our hearts.

Das, Sonia, and Shakti.

Das Goravani das@goravani.com


  1. Glad that there is progress. WIshing the best to you all.

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