Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thank you ALL for existing!

In the years I've been alive, I've never experienced such an astronomical pour of love and kindness from strangers. 
Since this #SaveDasGoravani Campaign started, 7 days ago, the amount of well wishers and donors have literally humbled me. And I am extremely happy to say:


Das, Sonia and I don't have words to describe our gratitude towards all of you! We thank you all from the deepest parts of our hearts for all your support. 

Our special thanks goes to Shri Sunil John, Vic DiCara, Kapiel Raaj, Michael Reed and Ehsan Khan for their efforts in spreading the word so widely that my dream of seeing Das happy, healthy, working and most important of all ENJOYING LIFE is coming closer to reality. Without them, it would have taken way more time to achieve the goal amount. 

We will be going for the treatment at the end of the month. Appointments and lodgings are booked. I really can't believe that IT'S HAPPENING!

This experience has brought back my hope in HUMANITY! 

You, yes, you who are reading this and you who have donated for this cause, know that you are part of this HERO's journey. His victory is your victory. Sunil Bhaiya told us that the entire community is rooting for Das. That he can't believe the amount of outpouring prayers and love has been given here. 

We had people who donated great amounts and those who donated anything they could spare. From students to professionals to Gurus. 

The most beautiful part of this all, is that it has brought the Jyotish community together in the efforts to save our beloved Das Goravani. 

What an accomplishment by proxy!!!! 😁

I, myself, don't know how to thank all of you! It's so humbling. It strengthened our faith in God and humanity. 

I know with 100% of certainty that Das' brain will be "fixed". I don't know what his plans will be then. Even he doesn't know because he's been ill for so long that he doesn't know how to think ahead anymore. But I can tell you this: Those who know of Das genius in action........YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET!!!!!

For those who believe Das can "will" his way out of this, I ask you to please, understand that you don't know Das. The man used to be the personification of WILL. So much Love and Power he had. Understand that due to Asperger's and concurrent traumas in life, "broke" small parts of his brain. Obviously, genius comes with side effects, negative ones. It's known throughout history. So prayers help, but are not enough. 

I will try to keep you all posted. 

Thank you and Pranaams 🙏🏼

Das Goravani

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  1. I think he should chant the nav naga stotra. Start on Panchami tithi. It will work.


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